Direct Inward Calling

Direct inward calling (DID) can be a special service that telecommunication companies offer to a private branch exchange system (PBX). This system allows companies to use different numbers for different parts or offices. This allows companies to have different numbers for different parts of the office from the same machine. The customer can call the person they need to resolve their problem if they use this service. This is important for any business because it saves customers time and ensures satisfaction.

An example of an inward dialing system can help to better understand it. Consider a company that has hired a telecom company with eight trunk or physical lines. It has rented 100 phones from this company. Because it has eight trunk lines, it can receive up to eight calls simultaneously. All others will get a busy message. These people can leave a message or wait until the call is disconnected. This would lead to low satisfaction levels and could prove dangerous if customers are even slightly impatient. The company can use a DID system to automatically divert calls to the right operator or workstation if it has one. This saves time as no additional PBX operator will be required.

How does a DID number work?

Local and international DID numbers work via a direct-inward dialing facility (DID). This allows calls to be routed directly from any phone number to any destination. They are not tied to any particular phone line.DID numbers are used in many modern businesses, especially for medium-to-large companies. This allows them to create unique contact numbers that can be used for specific employees or departments. This allows your company to have an international made Number for support, sales, and other functions.

What is a DID Number Used For?

DID numbers can give a simple phone system more functionality and benefits. In other words, international DID numbers can be added to your business telephone system.DIDs can route calls to any network. This includes remote workers and satellite offices. All employees, teams, business locations, and other information are bound together into one private branch exchange. This increases the chance of calling being answered promptly and helps to ensure continuity in your business.

Benefits of Inward Dialing

DID technology allows you to manage your company‘s telephone lines efficiently without the need for an operator. It can handle many internal telephone numbers and only a few external lines. This technology also saves money on phone line rental. Improved efficiency: A DID number can be assigned to an employee in your company so that calls can be directed from outside without going through an operator. DID makes calling easier and provides less frustration for your calling customers.DID configuration for a trunk.For SIP Register Trunk, If ITSP gives DIDs that are not compatible with SIP authentication names, it is necessary to add those DID numbers to your trunk. Otherwise, all inbound calls would be canceled. Identify outbound calls. You can link each DID phone number to a DID name in order to identify which one is being dialed.