Wholesale DID service is a large-capacity phone service, which can include multiple circuits for wholesale DID telephone numbers. Businesses engaged in telecommunications may use wholesale DID to provide local dial numbers that can be used for voice service.  Wholesale DID service may also be called VOIP DID.

What are Wholesale DID ?

As the name suggests, wholesale DID numbers are direct inward dialing numbers that can be bought in bulk to provide coverage in areas where your organization is required. For large businesses with many departments or sections highly specialized in a particular area of your business, one hone number won’t suffice. For example, sales, B2B sales, B2C troubleshooting, IT support, etc. ).Additionally, it is important to understand that virtual phone numbers are powered via cloud computing. This will allow you to learn how to use virtual phone numbers properly. Virtual phone numbers can be called through the Internet. The call is processed through digital means, which improves efficiency and reduces landline usage. Virtual phone numbers are similar to normal phone numbers. They share the same digits (and area/region code) that correspond to each country.

Advantages Of DID

Direct Inward Dialing provider (DID service provider) provides a phone number that operates over VoIP protocol using SIP features and solutions. DID Phone number is used to make calls over VoIP protocol with SIP features and solutions. The user pays either per month or per minute. If he uses DID numbers services, he does not need any hardware. However, he receives all calls via the internet. Direct Inward Dialing is a service that telecom companies use to meet the needs and requirements of their clients running a telephone system. DID service allows the customer to connect via a trunk to the PBX. It also allows them to only forward calls to other numbers using the trunk. TalkAmericaVoIP offers wholesale numbers and DID services at a wholesale cost. It is customizable and created to suit the VoIP requirements of companies such as PBX, calling, cards and conferences.

Benefits from Wholesale DID Numbers We offer low-cost wholesale DID Numbers to businesses around the globe. These DIDs could be used for your calling plans and generate leads. You can offer lower rates on calls and send SMSes.Treat your family and friends as if they were your country residents! Answer all calls from one phone. Answer all calls using the same telephone number. If your customers reside in other countries or you travel a lot, you can answer all calls within the same telephone number. It’s easy to give them a local telephone number, and they will be able to call you no matter where you may be.